The machine gun is designed to destroy any type of lightly armored targets (land, sea and aerial
low-flying targets), as well as firing nest, antitank weapons and group live targets at a range of
up to 2,000 meters.

“UTYOS” in modifications with the right and left feed of the belt can be used as a part of combat installations on tanks, APC, helicopters, boats, cars, in twin anti-aircraft installations.

At a distance of up to 2000 meters, machine gun can conduct aimed shooting at enemy infantry
and be used as an “anti-sniper.” By innovative solutions, the recoil of the machine gun has been
reduced by 95–98% and ensuring high accuracy of fire.

Differs in small weight, modular layout, quick-release barrel.

The modular design of the machine gun and tripod machine allows you to carry on the machine
gun in hard-to-reach places.

Technical Specifications

Caliber 12.7х99mm NATO
Weight of NSV 12.7 25 kg
Mass of the UPM 170 machine 22 kg
Machine gun length 1 560 mm
Barrel length 1 100 mm
Shooting rate 700–780 shots/min
Shooting range of 2000 m
Initial speed of a bullet 12.7х108мм 820–860 m/s
Initial speed of a bullet 12.7х99мм NATO 800–890 m/s
Resource 10 000 shots
Probability of failure 1/10 000 shots


High rate of fire
It allows effectively combat air targets.

Special coatings
The special chrome-plating of the chamber and the bore provides a lifetime of the barrel up to 10,000 shots. Probability of failure is one shot in the entire life of the barrel.

Using high-alloy steels allows to use a machine gun in any climatic condition in the world at a temperature of –50°С till +50°С.

Performance specifications
Elaborate design allows quick and easy disassemble and maintain weapons.
Low weight can reduce machine gun crew up to 2 people.

Modular system of machine gun and machine tripod:
Allows you to separate the parts of the machine gun and machine tripod for transfer to hard-to-reach places in parts (the largest part has a weight — 16 kg).

The strap for mounting optical sights on the fixed parts of the cradle, allows you to fire without taking your eyes off and install all types of modern sights.

Powerful cartridge
Provides high penetrative action and flat trajectory.