UTYOS - NSV 12.7 UTYOS heavy machine gun manufacturer


The machine gun is designed to destroy lightly armored land, sea and aerial low-flying targets, as well as firing points, anti-tank weapons and group live targets at a range of up to 2 000 meters.

“UTYOS” in modifications with the right and left feed of the belt can be used as a part of combat installations on tanks, APC, helicopters, boats, cars, in twin anti-aircraft installations.

At a distance of up to 2 thousand meters, it can conduct aimed shooting at enemy personnel and be used as an “anti-sniper.” Thanks to innovative solutions, the recoil of the machine gun has been reduced by 95–98% and ensuring high accuracy of fire.

Differs in small weight, modular layout, quick-release barrel.

The modular design of the machine gun and tripod machine allows you to carry the machine gun in hard-to- reach places (the weight of the largest part is 16 kg.)