Signaling device


General information of the pistol:

The SPSh-26M KZ flare pistol is designed for firing 26-mm lighting and signal cartridges. The pistol is carried in a holster with ten rounds.

Basic technical data and characteristics: 

  • Caliber — 4 (26.5 mm)
  • Rate of fire — 10-12 rounds per minute
  • Casting height of lighting or signal star ≥120 m
  • Length — 220 mm
  • Weight (without holster) ~ 740 g
  • Operating conditions: ± 50°С. 

26 mm night-action cartridge (lighting and signaling)

The 26 mm SP-26 signal cartridge is used to create a signal during emergencies, training or combat operations. They are intended for military personnel in search and rescue operations, namely rafts, boats and ships, as well as for completing emergency kits in aircraft. The cartridge can also be used by helicopter crews. 


  • Diameter — 26±0.6 mm
  • Height as delivered — 80 mm
  • Height of raising the signal — 90 m
  • Signal burning time — 6,5 sec
  • Weight — 47±3 g
  • Visibility and legibility of the signal — 10 km
  • Colors: red, yellow, green and white