The purpose of a combat vehicle is the defeat of manpower and material objects, including lightly armored vehicles at ranges up to 2,000 meters and flying –1,500 m.

Application area — used in subdivisions as a machine for conducting reconnaissance and combat
operations, for fighting small armed groups, for fire support of a roadblock, for escorting organized
columns of equipment or for individual vehicles


Length, width, height, mm 5 450*1 870*2 595
Crew of Battle Car 5 people
Possible armament NSVP-12.7, AGS-17,


Basic car Pickup 4х4
Ammunition NSV 12.7 — 300 rounds
Horizon Shooting Sector
— from PKM and NSV machine guns 12.7 360°
Vertical shelling sector
— PKM machine gun from  -10º (-20 º)* to +65º
— gunner NSV 12.7 from -10º (-20 º)* to +45º

*values ​​in brackets are indicated when shooting in the direction of backward, left and right