The company has made many changes and modifications to the original design, which provides
increased combat effectiveness, reliability and ease of maintenance for UTYOS, which made it
possible to create an ideal large-caliber weapon with the reliability of one possible reduction per
10,000 shots.

In this regard, ZKMK JSC occupies a leading position in the world among similar products in all basic tactical and technical parameters.

Since begging of Afghan conflict to our days “UTYOS” shows high shooting and operational
Machine gun works steadily in the temperature range from –50 to +50ºC in high dust and
humidity conditions. At a distance of 600 meters pierces the armor of the APC and off-road
armored vehicles, destroys the protective structures made by brick and concrete. Due to the
high rate of fire, it is capable of hitting helicopters and other low-flying targets.

Design features make the gun NSV 12.7 unsurpassed sample for reliability, durability and ease of maintenance.