NSV 12.7 UTYOS heavy machine gun manufacturer – Original heavy machine gun manufacturer NSV 12.7 UTYOS in the world

NSV 12.7 "UTYOS"

The machine gun is designed to destroy lightly armored land, sea and aerial low-flying targets, as well as firing points, anti-tank weapons and group live targets at a range of up to 2,000 meters.

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45 years in service with more than
38 countries around the world

Modular layout

The modular design of the machine gun and tripod machine allows you to carry the machine gun in hard-to-reach places (the weight of the largest part is 16 kg.)

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Remote controlled module

Two NSV 12.7mm or 40mm grenade launchers, 12.7 mm NSV and PKT 7.62, etc. Can be installed on water transport

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Powerful cartridge

Provides high penetrative action and flat trajectory.

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UPM 180

Combat Slewing ring. The purpose of a combat vehicle is the defeat of manpower and material objects, including lightly armored vehicles at ranges up to 2,000 meters and flying –1,500 m

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New production

(not restored). Robust and reliable, easy to handle.

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